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Latin Flash Drill 4.6 is an advanced system for drilling grammatical forms and for making a self-diagnosis of where help and practice is most needed. Version 4.6 offers a completely new randomised drill on form creation and on drilling of paradigm charts. Just specify which parameters you want to review and the program will drill you on individual forms from those sets.

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New improvements from earlier versions are:

  • greatly improved scorekeeping, in a new easy-to-read, printable chart format; scores can be sorted by any category; other users’ scores are hidden from all but the teacher/password holder.
  • new Details page shows all details on a single drill for easy review and printing.
  • new diagnostic options for LFD 4.6 allow users to maintain a checklist of all recorded drill work by grammatical category, to determine acceptable proficiency and guide future menu selections for each user.

The program shell remains the same for all course-specific versions and different modules can be bought at different times, making this an extremely flexible resource. Different modules are correlated to most major Latin textbooks and syllabuses, including:

  • Cambridge Latin Course
  • Ecce Romani
  • Imperium Latin Course
  • OCR AS Level
  • Oxford Latin Course
  • WJEC

Latin Flash Drill 4.6 includes drills for the four major parts of speech:

  • NOUNS, including 10 declension types (5 declensions with gender & i-stem variations)
    PRONOUNS, including personal, reflexive, interrogative, relative, intensive, demonstrative
    ADJECTIVES, including first and second declension, third declension, irregular
    VERBS, including all forms of indicative and subjunctive moods for regular verbs and selected irregular verbs (fero, sum, eo, possum, volo)

Latin Flash Drill 4.6 Copyright 2011 Centaur Systems

Compatible with Windows and Mac OSX systems.


Site Licences and Personal Licences

You can make your purchase by using the links below.

Download Licences

Should you wish to order a download licence for Latin Flash Drill, please send us an email. In this case, the cost will be £30, which will buy you 10 printed cards, each allowing a download to be made of one particular version of LFD. This system is suitable for schools where classes of students are involved in following a particular course. This is the cheapest way of buying Latin Flash Drill.

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