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Latin Vocab Drill offers customisable, interactive drills on vocabulary lists with etymological hints and handy references. Four different formats provide a variety of approaches to any number of lists from each version module. Scores can be recorded and sorted in an easy-to-read, printable chart format. A diagnostic ‘Review List’ option creates customized word lists from selected lists for specialized revising and review by each user.

Version 4.6 now includes a review list option, where users can build lists of their own from complete syllabus vocabularies and see the words disappear gradually away from their own revision lists as they get their answers right. Version 4.1 included simple in-program data-editing option for quick editing and case sensitivity option that can be used to distinguish macrons in files that have been edited for this purpose. Version 4.0 included a quiz-making facility, simplified networking, straightforward interface and multiple drilling formats.

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The program shell remains the same for all course-specific versions and different modules can be bought at different times, making this an extremely flexible resource. Different modules are correlated to most major Latin textbooks and syllabuses, including:

  • Cambridge Latin Course
  • Ecce Romani
  • Imperium Latin Course
  • OCR AS Level
  • Oxford Latin Course
  • WJEC

Record-keeping facility allows for optional recording and printing of scores for accountability. LVD 4.6 offers the following drill options, commands, and conveniences:

  • diagnostic aids to syllabus-wide revision
  • drills from Latin to English or English to Latin
  • percentage scoring optional
  • drill ALL listed principal parts or just the first one
  • English derivatives and other hints available during drill
  • drill words in listed or randomised order
  • reference vocabulary lists for study (scoring penalty)
  • skip to next item when stuck (scoring penalty)
  • ability to quit program or go back to menu at any time
  • help screen provides online user manual

Latin Vocab Drill 4.6 Copyright 2011 Centaur Systems

Compatible with Windows and Mac OSX systems.


Site Licences and Personal Licences

You can make your purchase by using the links below.

Download Licences

Should you wish to order a download licence for Latin Vocab Drill, please send us an email. In this case, the cost will be £30, which will buy you 10 printed cards, each allowing a download to be made of one particular version of LVD. This system is suitable for schools where classes of students are involved in following a particular course. This is the cheapest way of buying Latin Vocab Drill.

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