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J-PROGS acts as exclusive agent in the UK for programs from Centaur Systems, which are written to assist Latin teaching and learning. Please note: when you purchase these programs, you will see a Centaur Systems shopping cart, not one from J-PROGS.

Please click on the links above for information about the programs, or on the link below to make your purchases.

"I found the software very easy to download and access. It was quick and simple and easy to work out how to bring the data across, even when I wasn't exactly sure how. I look forward to using it."

Andrew McInnes, Wrenn School, Northants


Read more reviews at this link.



Site Licences and Personal Licences

You can make your purchase by using the links below.

Download Licences

Should you wish to order a download licence for Latin Vocab Drill or Latin Flash Drill, please send us an email. In this case, the cost will be £30, which will buy you 10 printed cards, each allowing a download to be made of one particular version of LVD or LFD. This system is suitable for schools where classes of students are involved in following a particular course. This is the cheapest way of buying this software.


To make a purchase of Latin Vocab Drill, please click on this link

To make a purchase of Latin Flash Drill, please click on this link







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