J-PROGS offers a complete range of Classics software for Mac or PC, bought and used in schools and universities in the UK, the USA and many other countries. A catalogue and order form are available from this website, or if you prefer to have printed materials, please send an email to request them, to julian@j-progs.com.

We also offer teacher training for Classicists wishing to increase their use of ICT. Our teacher training business, Medusa, is approved by the Joint Association of Classical Teachers (JACT), by Yale University Press and by the Perseus Project. Medusa is a partner in CIRCE, a Comenius project supported by the EU.

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For further details about these programs, send an email to julian@j-progs.com.

 or write to:

J-PROGS, Badminton Cottage, 53 Golden Hill, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, TA4  2NU, UK.


NEW! See our separate website at www.imperiumlatin.com for details on the all-new Imperium Latin course!

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